Day 2: April 28, 2021

Q&A with Faculty and Students: A free consultation with CAFNRM faculty and students

Time: 12:00 - 2:00 pm

Questions regarding classes? advising? volunteering? a garden pest? Come chat with us!

Attendees include:

Dr. Norman Arancon (Horticulture)

Dr. Lorna Tsutsumi (Entomology)

Dr. Sharadchandra Marahatta (Horticulture)

Dr. Lissa Tsutsumi (Animal Science)

Dr. Michael Shintaku (Plant Pathology)

Join us in person in the CAFNRM breezeway or join the zoom link below:


Meeting ID: 950 1046 2051

Passcode: cafnrm

Ag Product Samples: College of Ag Breezeway

Time: 12:00 - 2:00 pm

Honey samples

Observation hives

Produce giveaways

Virtual Tours

Macnut Orchard

Citrus Farm Orchard

The Bee Garden


Farm Supported Programs

Animal Science:

This track of study provides students with a variety of animal science courses related to health and management. All of the courses are aimed at giving students hands-on experiences working with livestock through farm laboratory activities. The courses emphasize safe and confident animal handling and good animal husbandry practices.

The Animal Science areas at the UH Hilo farm consists of:

1. Horse arena and barns

2. Goat and cattle barns

3. Swine facility

Selected course: ANSC 351, Swine Production

Highlight hands-on activity: Piglet processing

Selected course: ANSC 353, Horse Production

Highlight hands-on activity: Lameness observation and evaluation

Selected course: ANSC 357, Ruminant Production Systems

Highlight hands-on activity: Cattle artificial insemination


UH Hilo has been recognized by the media, public, and state Senate for its efforts to bring greater awareness to the honey bee, an important and vital pollinator of many crops. The Beekeeping Certificate helps to recognize the level of achievement in beekeeping gained by UH Hilo students and will assist them in future career positions.

The bee areas at the UH Hilo farm consists of:

1. a one-acre bee garden, Mapuhonehone

2. a giant hive that visitors can enter with all the basic parts of a hive to experience being a bee

3. a honey bucket that contains a colony of bees. Visitors can observe a honey colony at work or a beekeeper tending to the colony

4. two apiaries (collection of hives)

Selected course: ENTO 262, Introduction to Beekeeping

Highlight hands-on activity: Honey extraction

Selected course: ENTO 350, Advanced Beekeeping

Highlight hands-on activity: Inspecting a hive for diseases and pests

Selected course: AG 205, Value Added Agricultural Products

Highlight hands-on activity: Mystery Ingredient Challenge; harvesting a commodity from the farm and developing it into a value-added product


The undergraduate Tropical Agroecology specialization is designed to provide an opportunity for students interested in tropical crop science or a plant-related field to have access to selected courses or topics in their area of interest. The curriculum is structured to offer a well-rounded undergraduate education emphasizing the long-term sustainability of our managed crop production systems and the surrounding ecosystems.

The Horticulture areas at the UH Hilo farm consists of:

1. 3 Greenhouses

2. Fields

3. Orchards

4. Gardens and raised bed plots

Selected course: HORT 262, Principles of Horticulture

Highlight hands-on activity: Poinsettia production and vegetable garden management

Selected course: HORT 263, Hydroponics and Vegetable Crop Production

Highlight hands-on activity: Continuous leafy greens production in non-circulating systems

Selected course: AG 263, Composting and Vermicomposting

Highlight hands-on activity: Building compost pile from organic wastes from farm

Selected course: HORT 264, Plant Propagation

Highlight hands-on activity: Production of anthuriums and orchids

Selected course: HORT 266, Nursery Management

Highlight hands-on activity: Management of greenhouses and shade houses raising ornamentals and fruit trees

Informational and "How-to" Videos

Student Made Presentations

Veterinary Assisting in Equine Medicine (1)

Health Part II

ENTO350 Body of Work- Royal Jelly Balm

Compost soil balls

PropagationEnvironment _Rodriguez

Sustainable Weed Management

Hort 294 Project