CAFNRM Student Symposium

April 14th, 2022

4th Annual CAFNRM Student Symposium

The College of Agriculture Forestry and Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM) is dedicated to develop student leaders in agricultural production who are able to impart skills to all stakeholders from production, harvest, postharvest, marketing, distribution and consumption of food. Since the inception of this project, CAFNRM has targeted students within the college, students from K-12 and members of the community. We developed and supported courses that are important in production and we take pride of the hands-on approach that these courses entailed.

To highlight these courses and the students, CAFNRM will hold a symposium to recognize student projects as concrete indicators of successful hands-on approach of the courses. The symposium will also encourage sharing of new and emerging ideas that will contribute to the challenges in plant and animal production, processing and marketing. Additionally, the symposium will promote collaboration and networking among agriculture across fields of specialization.

The symposium will have the following categories:

1) Project. Any application of a concept or theory in the course performed during the semester.

2) Research. Any research or experimental activity related to the course during the semester.

3) Practical. A tutorial or demonstration of something learned in the course during the semester.

The categories can be presented in two formats: oral or poster format.

Opening Remarks

Ania Wieczorek, PhD.

Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs (Interim), College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, UH Manoa

Bruce Mathews, PhD.

Dean, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management; Professor, Soil Science, UH Hilo

Kris Roney, PhD.

Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, UH Hilo

Program and Abstract Book

Link here.

Research - Oral

1. Fisher, Michael, “Weed Management Project”

2. Holloway, Tabitha, “Control of Weeds”

3. Lenahan, Kyle, “Hydroponic Growth of San Marzano Tomatoes in Comparison to Comparable Cultivars”

4. Lenahan, Kyle, Chloe Chinen, Christopher Furnam, Alyssa Regis and Rebecca Russo, “Preparation of Kuaiwi for Chemical Composition Analysis”

5. Mueller, Nicole, “Non-Chemical Weed Suppression Using Dead Mulch”

6. Smith, Kalikohalia`aloha, “Nonchemical Weed Management, Dead Mulch and Live Mulch's Effectiveness Against Clovers”

7. Wilson, Natalie, “Effectiveness of Single Shredded Wood Chip vs. Paper Shredding for Weed Suppression on Corn, Peas and Squash Row Crops”

8. Valle, Katheryn, "Methods of Natural Weed Control"

Research - Poster

1. Kerisiano, Temehani and Daniela Dutra Elliot, “Trial of Mucuna (Mucuna pruriens var. utilis) as a Cover Crop for Banana Orchard Establishment”

2. Schmitz, Elizabeth, “Weed Suppression by Avocado Mulch”

Project - Oral

1. Alipio, Tara, “Kalohead Māla for Hawaiians away from Hawaii”

2. Briones, Ria Niña, Kent Anthony Delgado, Vhone Fulgarinas, April Gador and Mexy Brix Palmes, “Promotion of Sustainable Adaption of Agricultural Technologies (Black Soldier Fly, Self-Circulating Hydroponics System)”

3. Berryman, Evan, “No More Lawns”

4. Chinen, Chloe, “The Use of Sust-ʻāina-ble Methods for Farming”

5. Van Geem, Landon, “Hort, 262 Project”

6. Grimes, Colton, “Garden Plot Project”

7. Hata, Alexis, “Growing a Garden”

8. Heidelmeir, Emma and Julia Dunn, “Sustainable Garden Plots”

9. Iha, Garrison, “A Garden is Born at the UH Hilo Farm”

10. Marsh, Koa, “An Easy Garden”

11. Regis, Alyssa Renee, “From the Ground Up”

12. Route, Lucon, “Effect Replication of Weed Mats Through Mulching”

13. Salik, Dickenson and Zen Kakinohana, “Intercropping”

14. Uehara, Tyler, “Waiwi Tea Weed Suppression”

15. Armstrong, Sheena, "Campus Vegetable Garden Project"

16. Weddington, Calla, “Squash and Peas if You Please”

Project - Poster

1. Carpenter, Jaidyn, “University of Hawaii at Hilo Pasture Forage Quality Study”

2. Holloway, Tabitha, “Marine Plastic in Hawaii”

3. Russo, Rebecca, “Learning with the Land”

4. Thompson, Jacob, “Impacts of Green Manure and Green Crop on Zea Mays Productivity”

Practical - Oral

1. Weddington, Calla, “How to Build a Worm Box”

Oral Presentations

Directions: Please join the following zoom link to see the oral presentations. Presentations will begin after the opening remarks.

Meeting ID: 983 3044 8503

Passcode: AG


Directions: Posters will be displayed through April 15th. They can be found here.

Current (2022) posters are available for viewing along with posters from our previous years.

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