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UH Hilo Stories

Helping to maintain UH Hilo’s apiary teaches students the importance of our island’s bees

UH Hilo agricultural students conduct trials on growing rice in East Hawai‘i

UH Hilo Farm Fair

UH Hilo showcases programs at the Taste of the Hawaiian Range event

UH Hilo researchers: Sweet potato production in Hāmākua can be improved with select fertilizers

UH Hilo College of Agriculture congratulates their graduates with video serenade

UH Hilo sustainable agriculture program ranks among top five in the country for affordability

UH Hilo students practice sustainable agriculture in gardens around campus

UH Hilo ag students compost the campus’s organic wastes

Schoolchildren learn about farming and livestock at UH Hilo Ag Farm

Bentos for Bob-Bob: Fundraiser held to benefit lava rescue horses (and Bob-Bob the mini donkey) now housed at UH Hilo Farm

CAFRNM students share basic ag skills to Hilo High School students

Annual Ag Fair Day 2018

Snapshots: Ag Fair Day, Garden Tours, Lab Work and Field Trip

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