Horticulture Greenhouses

The greenhouses at the UH Farm provide opportunities for students in CAFNRM to participate in the production and management of horticultural crops. Introductory courses such as Hort 262 (Introduction to Tropical Horticulture) and Hort 264 (Plant Propagation) utilize the greenhouse as a living laboratory for our students familiarize themselves in the production or tropical crops from germination of seeds for transplanting into field plots and propagating plants using vegetative propagation techniques. Upper level courses such as Hort 352 (Tropical Fruit and Nut and Field Horticulture Production) specializes on the propagation of fruit trees and other field crops

Greenhouse #1: Annuals and perennials

Students grow vegetable seedlings and transplants for transplanting out into field plots. Vegetatively propagated fruits trees are also house here for at least a year before transplanting. The greenhouse is equipped with Dosatron and automatic fertigation controls.

Greenhouse #2: Floriculture

This facility houses a collection of rare orchids, anthuriums and other ornamental plants. Poinsettias are raised here annually during the Fall Semester by students of Hort 262 class. This greenhouse is also equipped with Dosatron and automatic fertigation controls.

Greenhouse #3: Hydroponics

Techniques on how plants are grown in a mixture of nutrient solution are taught and practiced in this facility. Students in Ag 263 (Hydroponics) learn to grow vegetables and other biennials using static non-circulating and nutrient film circulating hydroponic techniques using locally available materials. Organic nutrient sources such as teas from composts and vermicomposts are also tested in this facility.