Tropical Fruit Orchards

A wonderful collection to tropical fruit trees and nuts were established our retired Professor, Dr. Sheldon Furutani and fam technician, Jan Iyo 25 years ago, at the UH Hilo farm and provide a great opportunity for students in several Horticulture classes to practice their skills in vegetative propagation of trees including grafting, air layering and budding. Students get to enjoy seasonal harvest from these fruits especially a bounty of citrus in late fall and lychees and longan in late spring.

Macadamia nuts, lychees, rambutan...

A collection of macadamia hybrids are found in this orhard. These varieties are bred for high quality kernel and oil content and their adaptability to different elevations. About 3 varieties of rambutan and lychees in their productive stages can also be found in this orchard. Mango, cashew, jackfruit, pond apple, mangosteen, star fruits and pulasan complete the list of fruit trees in this orchard.

Citrus, zapotes, longan, avocado...

This orchard is situated on the left side of the hydroponics greenhouse and features a collection of citruses including mandarins, oranges, pumelo, calamansi and lemons. A row of zapotes, longans, avocado, guava and annonas complete the list of the fruits in this orchard.

Coffee, bananas, soursop

The newest addition to the trees is the orchard behind the farm pavilion. Planted in 2014 by the Hort 252 class, the trees now are at bearing stage provide a good collection of arabica coffee, bananas, soursop avocados and more citrus. Beehives complemented this orchard that surely contributed to the fruiting of the trees in this orchard.

Fruits at the UH Hilo Farm

Basic information of the fruits in our orchards are gathered by the students of Hort 352 (Orchards and Horticultural Crops), Fall 2020.