Day 3: April 29, 2021

3rd Annual CAFNRM Student Symposium

The College of Agriculture Forestry and Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM) is dedicated to develop student leaders in agricultural production who are able to impart skills to all stakeholders from production, harvest, postharvest, marketing, distribution and consumption of food. Since the inception of this project, CAFNRM has targeted students within the college, students from K-12 and members of the community. We developed and supported courses that are important in production and we take pride of the hands-on approach that these courses entailed.

To highlight these courses and the students, CAFNRM will hold a symposium to recognize student projects as concrete indicators of successful hands-on approach of the courses. The symposium will also encourage sharing of new and emerging ideas that will contribute to the challenges in plant and animal production, processing and marketing. Additionally, the symposium will promote collaboration and networking among agriculture across fields of specialization.

The symposium will have the following categories:

1) Project. Any application of a concept or theory in the course performed during the semester.

2) Research. Any research or experimental activity related to the course during the semester.

3) Practical. A tutorial or demonstration of something learned in the course during the semester.

The categories can be presented in two formats: oral or poster format.

Ag Symposium

Time: 12:00 - 2:30 pm


Meeting ID: 930 0266 8620

Passcode: cafnrm

Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs

Video premieres: April 29, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

Research - Oral

  1. Conway, Colin, “The Effect of Vermicompost Soil Concentrations on Germination and Growth of Sweet Corn; Hawaiian Supersweet #9 Yellow (Zea mays)”

  2. Esquivel, Virgil, “The Effect of Vermicompost “Tea” on the Growth of Cuttings”

  3. Magers, Rebekah, “Success and Lessons of Root Cutting Propagation with Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) Varieties in a Greenhouse”

  4. Ninomoto, Brianna, “Effective Media for Repotting Anthuriums (Anthurium andraeanum)”

  5. Rodriguez, Sophia, “Effects of Vermicompost Water Extracts on Ti Leaf Cuttings”

  6. Tolentino - Perry, Kaleihali’a, “Weed Suppression Through Mulching, Cover Crop and Cardboard Use”

  7. Wilson, Natalie, “Effectiveness of Soil Applicated Mykos Wettable Powder on Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) ‘Roma’ with Organic Fertilizing Methods”

Research - Poster

  1. Dolan, Ariana, Randall Thomas, Andrew Shell, Aspen Klein, and Matthew Ideoka, “Impacts of Hilled Soil Bed on Root-Knot Nematodes, Plant Growth, and Papaya Yield”

  2. Rule, Brian and Sharad P. Marahatta, “Evaluation of Chemical and Non-Chemical Weed Management Approaches in the Tropics”

  3. Rule, Brian, Natalie Wilson, Tammy Mcculloch, Lehua Patnaude, Li Aki, Keaton Gosser, and Sharad P. Marahatta, “Comparison of Organic and Conventional Practices in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Crop Husbandry”

Project - Oral

  1. Arcand, Lolo, “Anthurium Rehab”

  2. Blizzard, Maria, “Versatile Topical Salve”

  3. Ferrin, Briana and Evangeline Lemieux, “Aquaponics at UH Hilo”

  4. Keamo, Nae’ola, “Garden Project”

  5. Martinez, Yamira, “Observational Connection to Plant Species”

  6. Ninomoto, Brianna, “Containerized Gardening”

  7. Vu, James, Natalie Wilson, William Griswold, Leslie Lockhart, Jeffery Wood, Daniel Thompson, Zyshana Kauaula, Aaron Modeer, and Sharad P. Marahatta, “Evaluation of Hawaiian Lettuce (Lectuca sativa) Varieties in a Hydroponic Setting”

Project - Poster

  1. Burke, Kevin, “The Construction of a Unique and Observable Langstroth Hive”

  2. Dolan, Ariana, “Impact of Different Manure Treatments on Cat Grass Growth”

  3. Garcia Yamashita, Shay, “Sustainable Garden”

  4. Nakasone, Trevor, Christopher Furman, Amanda Cox, Emma Behnam, and Nicholas Flores- Slattery, “Evaluation of Poinsettia Varieties in Hilo, Hawaii”

  5. Souza, Chad Jr., “Beeswax Shower Curtain”

  6. Tanner, Kaylie, “Growing Aquatic Plants”

Practical - Oral

  1. Berryman, Evan, “Weed Management Through Soil Solarization”

  2. Curley, Andrew, “Growing a Greener Thumb”

  3. Tolentino - Perry, Kaleihali’a, “Air Layering Lychee”

Practical - Poster

  1. Albertini, Megan, “Equine Fecal Egg Count - McMaster’s Method”

  2. Meleisea, Deborah, “Coco Sugar Body Scrub”

  3. O’Neal, Emma and Sydney, “How to Make Your Own Sustainable Garden at Home”

  4. Ramiscal, Ashton, Elizabeth Schmitz, Sam Kim, Nae’ole Keamo, Amanda Banfich, and Sharad P. Marahatta, “Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) Propagation Through Stem Cutting”

  5. Ramiscal, Ashton, “Vermicompost Teas on Basil Seedlings”

  6. Talia, Malia, “Lole Popo (Coconut Candy)”

The proceedings of the 2nd symposium:

Oral Presentations

Directions: Please join the following zoom link to see the oral presentations. They will be divided based on the category: Research, Project, Practical.

Oral presentation schedule: See above for schedule of oral presentations. The students above are listed based on alphabetical order and it may not necessarly reflect the order in which they present. Each student will be alotted 10 minutes to present with questions.

Oral presentation links: Same link for all oral categories. Breakout rooms will be organized within the meeting.

Meeting ID: 930 0266 8620

Passcode: cafnrm

Thank you to the judges: Michael Shintaku, Armando Garcia-Ortega, Shihwu Sung, Francis Dumanig and Jake Rodrique

Poster Presentations

Directions: Please join the following link as a student. Posters will be displayed through Thursday the 29th.

2019 posters are available for viewing.

Current (2021) posters are available for viewing (public) and judging. Please feel free to leave a comment or question on the 2021 posters. Our students will be instructed to login and answer throughout the week.

***Note - Students will still be uploading their posters through Wednesday. Check back in if they are not already uploaded under their abstracts.


Thank you to the judges: Steven Starnes and Thathmini Kularatna

Awards Ceremony

Directions: Please join the following zoom link to announce the winners of the various categories.

Link: The award ceremony will use the same link. Ceremony will begin after presentations conclude at 2:30 pm.

Meeting ID: 930 0266 8620

Passcode: cafnrm